About Yah-I Ausar Tafari Amen

Yah-I’s Part

Yah-I Ausar Tafari Amen is an African Dancer and Musician, Shekere Player, Vegan Chef, Author, Radio Host, Producer and Engineer, and Spiritual Counselor.  He is a native of Brooklyn, New York who began his creative/artistic expressions as a dancer in 1992. Over the years, he has performed West African Dance with several dance ensembles, including: Iya Ile Folkloric Dance Company, Harambee Dance Company, and the African American Dance Ensemble.

Yah-I began his radio career in Atlanta at WRFG 89.3 FM, where he joined the Ruff, Rugged and Raw Hip Hop and Reggae program as a co-host. This underground program which coined the term ‘uncensored for reasoning’ offered listeners message music along with great conversation about spirituality, government, education, relationships and food, for example. In the process of co-hosting Ruff, Rugged and Raw, he learned how to engineer and DJ. Soon after, Yah-I was offered the opportunity to take over another radio program by ‘Brother Akenaton’, The Most Progressive Sound, a Jazz/Talk show that offered Yah-I his first talk-radio program production experience.

Throughout the years, Yah-I studied religions and spiritual practices diligently in search for ‘the right one’. He would eventually study at the All Faiths Seminary International in Manhattan, NY and graduate as an ordained Interfaith Minister in Spiritual Counseling in 2000.

In the early 2000’s Yah-I became an Approved Mediator from the Center for Mediation based in Washington, D.C. He continued his talk radio passion by working at WURD 900 AM with Sarah Lomax-Reese and Health Quest Live.

In 2011, Yah-I and his wife, Ma’at, started a vegan food business, Vegan Flava Café in Durham, North Carolina. This live(raw)/cooked food business grew from just catering and food vending to a food trailer, and then to a full service restaurant, the first for the city of Durham. Vegan Flava is dedicated to providing safe food while upholding quality standards and prioritizing Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Soy-Free ingredients.

Currently, along with operating Vegan Flava Café and Being A Part, Yah-I offers “Being Better by Eating Better” workshops for children and adults.  These workshops support personal growth while changing the way people think about, prepare, and consume food/drink.

Yah-I also performs throughout the state of North Carolina, and his passion is easily detected in his presentation. His smile, joy, patience, energy and discipline serves him well as a performing artist, chef, public speaker and radio personality. You can find him on facebook as ‘Yah-I Tafari’. On Instagram and twitter his handle is ‘yahiausar’.

NEW Book by Yah-I

Is Your Self Worth Pseudo or Sincere?

Yah-I makes a compelling case for changing your life by changing your self-worth motivations in life. It is the author’s desire that while you read this book you reflect upon your actions determining whether they are rooted and driven by a Pseudo or Sincere premise. You will answer the question, posed in the title of this book, looking at every experience- past, present and future- and become a better person for it. This book is filled with anecdotes of successes and opportunities for improvement with honesty as the basis. Read, laugh, enjoy and then share with family, friends and strangers.

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