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picure of maat Ma'at em Maakheru AmenMa’at em Maakheru Amen is a Brain Balanced Kemetic High Priestess, Yoruba Initiate, author, 10 year veteran Reiki Master/Teacher and Belief Management Counselor. She is also known to some as the Hiphop Reiki Master.   She is the founder of the Womb Evolution, Ma’at Foundation, IncSoul Psychic Fair, and Groove Movement.  She has traveled across the country speaking on Energy from an Afrikan and interactive perspective, and has presented her seminar at the Congressional Black Caucus, Urban League Young Professionals Group, as an opening speaker for KRS-One lectures, and the Natural Hair Care Expo.

As the author of Whatz In Your Womb and UnWOMBded: Unlocking the Universal Uterus, Ma’at has focused her energy on clearing womb energy and beliefs in order to restore the true function and frequency of the womb in Melanin Dominant Women.  Out of this movement, she has developed the Womb Evolution program which includes a technique called A.W.E. (Ancestral Womb Elevation), in which the participants identify and elevate the traumatized womb energy of their first enslaved ancestor.

She has now co-founded Being A Part with her husband, Yah-I Ausar Tafari Amen, where they offer unique relationship and lifestyle advice.

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